Questions about ordering or cancelling an order

Online via the GVB app or; then collect from a nearby ticket vending machine. You can find the nearest ticket collection point using the address finder at

At GVB Service & Tickets locations at Stationsplein CS, Station Bijlmer ArenA, Station Zuid and Station Noord.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer money on a monthly basis. When placing your order, you are authorising GVB to deduct the travel costs incurred and the fixed monthly amount by direct debit every month from the IBAN account number provided.

For GVB Flex, you need a personal OV-chipkaart. To ensure that GVB Flex works properly, no other travel products may be loaded on this personal OV-chipkaart that hinder the workings of travel on account. This is checked automatically during the ordering process. But the card can always have NS Flex, e-purse balance or the GVB bicycle supplement loaded on it. These products work well with GVB Flex on a single card.

No, that is not possible because an anonymous card isn’t linked to a particular person. For GVB Flex, we need to know who the contracting party is and who pays the monthly invoice.

Yes, this is possible with the Start Flex, Flex and Extra Flex variants. However, the 'Travel by train' option is not activated by default. When you first order one of these variants, activate the 'Travel by train' option, even though you may not be planning to travel by train. Your card is then geared for later payment for train journeys via your Flex invoice. You can then always easily switch the option on and off in your MyGVB account.

If you have 'Travel by train' switched off, travelling by train is only possible if you have sufficient e-purse balance on your OV-chipkaart. Therefore, the travel-by-train costs will not appear on your GVB Flex invoice.
Do you use NS Flex? Then do not activate the option ‘Travel by train’ with GVB.

With Easy Flex, it is not possible to select the option ‘Travel by train’ 

You don’t need to do anything. If you don’t collect your order from a ticket machine, your order will be cancelled automatically 14 days after the stipulated start date. Therefore nothing will be charged.

However, if you have collected your order from a ticket machine or Service & Tickets has put it on your OV-chipkaart, you may cancel the order via your MyGVB account within 14 days of placing the order. You can also use the sample form. The monthly fixed costs are refunded pro rata, minus any journeys made (at the e-purse balance rate). 

Yes, you can order several GVB Flex products with a single GVB account. Only one Flex variant can be loaded on an OV-chipkaart, so you will need separate OV-chipkaarten. It is therefore also possible to order Flex products for your partner or child with a single account.

GVB strives for acceptable payment risks for the organisation and its customers. When placing orders for products such as GVB Flex with a direct debit, GVB has a creditworthiness check carried out by a third party. If the score is negative when placing your order you will receive information about alternative payment options and/or travel products and how to gain a better understanding of the creditworthiness check.