Invoices and outstanding payments

Every month, you will receive a message by e-mail stating that your invoice is ready in your MyGVB account under the ‘my invoices’ menu. Here you will also find an overview of all your invoices.

The fixed monthly season ticket costs are invoiced in the same month (or the following month). You will receive the costs of the journeys made during the past month, the following month. For example, on the invoice that you receive in June, you will find the monthly fixed costs for GVB Flex for June and costs for the journeys made during the month of May.

The fixed monthly amount for the first month will be calculated over the period start date up to and including the end of that month. That could therefore be an entire month or a part of the month. And this amount plus the travel costs incurred for that month will be invoiced the next month together with fixed season ticket costs for the next month. We always collect around the 25th day of the month. 

No, you will receive a separate invoice for each Flex product.

You can always contact our Customer Service with any questions about journeys on your GVB Flex invoice, for example.

No, it is not possible to adjust the collection date. This is around the 25th day of the month as standard. A few days beforehand, you will receive the invoice by e-mail with the amount we will deduct.

If something isn’t right on your GVB Flex invoice, please contact our Customer Service

No, that is not possible. If you want to travel pre-paid, a different season ticket is an option or travel on e-purse balance. (see other travel products).

No, that is not possible. Payments are only made by direct debit or, if instructed to do so by GVB, via a transfer.